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JDM Option International

Pricing: Each volume $20 + shipping.
Special Offer: All 5 volumes of JDM Option DVDs for $85 (savings of 15%).
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Volume 1Price: $20.00

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JDM Option Volume 1

D1 Grand Prix Professional Series Round 1 in Irwindale, CA. USA.
New DVD Title "JDM Option", the same title loved by millions in Japan, here in the States! Features exclusive coverage of the Feb 28th 2004 D1 Grand Prix Series Round-1 Irwindale USA world class drifting event. Professionally translated subtitling including all the talks of the D1 judges.

Volume 1 Video Clips:
    Volume 1 Short
    Volume 1 Long

  • What is D1?
  • Ride on board Katsuhiro Ueo's AE86 for a course introduction
  • GM Factory Works Car: Pontiac GTO with Rhys Millen
  • Nomu-ken's crazy PIT WALK report
  • Volume 2Price: $20.00

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    JDM Option Volume 2 - Crash Kings!

    It's no secret the D1 history is made up of countless crashes. We have hand picked the best crashes from the new millennium to now and put them into the "Crash Kings Edition". Nonstop car crushing action ranging from the comical to the breathtakingly dangerous. You'll see as many cars crushed as beers cans at a college party in this issue. Watch all the excitement of a 100 car pile-up without any of the traffic. For the first time, Dorikin and Orido are left completely speechless. Other great feature of Vol-2 Nomuken Drift Technique Lesson. Dai and Tarzan test the potential of the latest Fairlady, the Nissan 350Z.

    Volume 2 Video Clips:
      Volume 2 Short
      Volume 2 Long

  • Crash Kings
  • Nomuken's secrets of mastering Drift Techniques.
  • Daijiro's Road Test of the Fairlady Z (350Z)
  • EXTRA TRACK!! Daijiro vs The Bulldozer!!
  • Volume 3Price: $20.00

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    JDM Option Volume 3 - D1 Night Game

    The internationally recognized All-Japan Professional Drift Championship. Known to use race cars as weapons of battle. These machines take on a new illuminating color at night. It is the color and mystique of it's outlaw heritage. Finally, the government and city offices have lent us their land for this exhibition event. Although not incorporated into the series championship, we fill the Tokyo Bay area skies with clouds of smoke and intense sound.

    Volume 3 Video Clips:
      Volume 3 Short
      Volume 3 Long

  • D1 Night Game
  • Mazda RX-8
  • Dai Challenges the JETCAR!
  • Volume 4Price: $20.00

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    JDM Option Volume 4 - The Drift Bible

    The first ever JDM Option title with select English dubbing! Out of all the drivers that are participating in the 2004 Grand Prix, there are two S15s that are showing an insane run. What is the hidden secret to their driving? Using the Data logger, Chassis Dyno, and Damper Tester, strict measurements are taken. Featured as our special dubbed section of the DVD, see the technical difference between two great machines, the Kei Office S-15 and the HKS S-15, as Kazama and Taniguchi lead you through advanced drift techniques. What kind of feelings do the two drifters have towards their drifting from the data obtained? The secret of the top two in the drifting world lies here.

    Volume 4 Video Clips:
      Volume 4 Short
      Volume 4 Long

  • Battle of the Silvia S15 Top
  • D1 Grand Prix Round 2
  • D1 Driver's Search in Miami, FL, USA
  • EXTRA TRACK!! D1 Sugo on board camera!

    D1's top machines are driving at the international circuit at speeds and angles that lack common sense! These techniques will be all shown through the onboard camera!!
  • Volume 5Price: $20.00

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    JDM Option Volume 5 - The Street Tribe Heaven

    This is the real report where you can find out about Japan's true Touge! See some of the best drifters tear it up Touge style in this underground driver search featuring some of Japans best street racing underworld members. Chiba's at it again, the police can't even stop him, this madman sent us clips from the famous Auqa Line underwater tunnel in Japan, at over 200 mph his days are numbered! And fasten your seat belts for Japan's RX-7 Cannonball run where RE Amemiya shows that he can not only tune the monster RX-7's he releases, but drive the wild beasts into submission. To answer all of your questions about setup and performance in the drift world, JDM Option gives you part 2 of the Taniguchi vs. Kazama segment, see what makes these 2 cars unique and get behind the wheel with the drivers to show why styles are many but skill is one. And finally we go to the Fontana Speedway in California where we conduct our first ever California Driver Search, held Aug. 14th. See over 80 hopefuls battle it out to show that the US is coming up hard on the tail of the Japanese!

    Volume 5 Video Clips:
      Volume 5 Short
      Volume 5 Long

  • The Street Tribe Heaven, All Japan Touge Tournament
  • Welcome to the world of 300+ km/h!!
  • Volume 6Price: $20.00

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    JDM Option Volume 6 - Nomuken's Coming Up!

    World's largest tail slide show, the D1 Grand Prix, sells out Ebisu with spectators packed in like sardines! Top ranking point series Kei office car had to stop short, what made this happen?! Nomuken climbs to the top of the podium with his overwhelming speed and aggresssive angle making for exciting footage any D1 fanatic will have to see!

    Volume 6 Video Clips:
      Volume 6 Short
      Volume 6 Long

  • D1 Driver Search in Fontana - At California Speedway, August 14, 2004
  • World's fastest camera maniac CHIBA!!! - Breakneck speed over 200mph!
  • Taniguchi Versus Kazama Silvia S15 - The Top's Secret Part 2
  • Volume 7Price: $20.00

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    JDM Option Volume 7 - Super High Speed Drift!

    How fast do you think the super tuned 200HP cars can fly? Watch the most extreme vehicles in the D1 world compete for supremacy in this ultimate D1 event...Outrageous Tsuiso battle at the Kyushu Autopolis known fo rthe highest-speed course. Playing with their lives, this is the high stakes D1 Gamble round, the drivers come to win or die!

    Volume 7 Video Clips:
      Volume 7 Short
      Volume 7 Long

  • D1 Grand Prix Round 4 - Autopolis
  • Public Highway Extreme - 2003 Silver State Classics Challenge
  • The world's fastest camera maniac - Chiba
  • Volume 8Price: $20.00

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    JDM Option Volume 8 - Tokyo Metro Night Battle

    One of the most amazing D1 rounds yet, this is what makes D1, D1! Taking place in the heart of metropolitan Tokyo, the drivers in this D1 have their game faces on, watch as some take it too far and become part of the concrete walls! Then we go to the UK where we watch the legendary footage of Smokey Nagata?s 0-300km/h Top Secret run through the motorways of England, and this time he?s got the cops on his tail! And finally, it?s Daijiro?s Silverstate Challenge pt.2, in the seat again after last years crash, he cannot be stopped!

    Volume 8 Video Clips:
      Volume 8 Long

  • D1 Grand Prix Round 5 - Odaiba
  • Daijiro's Public Hwy Speed Record - 2003 Silver State Classics Challenge pt. 2
  • World Speed Maniac, Smokey Nagata's Comical UK Jail Journey
  • Special Offer: All 5 volumes of JDM Option DVDs for $85 (savings of 15%).
    To order, call toll-free: 1-866-350-TUNER(8863)
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